Man with gambling debts fakes kidnapping in fear of angry girlfriend on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Costa Blanca man lied to police about a kidnapping and robbery to keep his gambling debts a secret from his girlfriend.

The ruse backfired as the Policia Nacional arrested him in Elche over his bogus crime report.

The alleged ‘victim’, 31, phoned the police to report his kidnapping as well as the loss of a significant amount of money.

Officers arrived on the scene and were spun a yarn about how somebody approached him with a sharp object and thrust it towards his neck.

He claimed that his assailant asked for cash and stole two mobile phones, one of which belonged to his girlfriend.

Under threat of violence, the attacker told him to get into his car and to drive to cash points where a total of €1,000 was withdrawn and handed over to him.

Police scientists carried out a thorough examination of the vehicle while the ‘victim’ started to contradict his earlier statement during a police station interview.

He eventually admitted that he withdrew €1,000 to pay a gambling debt and the ‘stolen’ phones were also used as part of the ‘pay-off’.

The man said he made everything up as he was scared about his girlfriend’s likely angry reaction to his addiction.


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