More than 151,000 people flock to ‘Picasso as a Sculptor: Matter and Body’ exhibition in Malaga

PICASSO has triumphed once again in his home town, solidifying his enduring legacy as one of Malaga’s most celebrated and influential figures.

‘Picasso as a Sculptor: Matter and Body,’ the first major exhibition in Spain dedicated to this facet of the artist, saw a total of 151,346 visitors at the Picasso Museum in Malaga.

Curated by Carmen Gimenez, the exhibition, which opened on May 9 and ran until September 10, showcased the central role that the representation of the human body, in both its entirety and fragments, played in the work of this Malaga-born artist.

This artistic exploration was brought to life through a collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, where the exhibition will continue to be on display from September 29 onward.

‘Picasso as a Sculptor: Matter and Body’ was featured as a significant component of the international program known as ‘Celebrating Picasso 1973-2023.’

Museo Picasso Malaga
Picasso Museum in Malaga.

This exhibition received essential support from the Musee national Picasso-Paris and the Spanish National Commission for the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s Death, with Telefonica acting as a collaborating Spanish partner and the Unicaja Foundation providing sponsorship for the exhibition.

As for upcoming events, the Picasso Museum in Malaga will present its final exhibition of the year, titled ‘The Echo of Picasso,’ starting on Tuesday, October 3.

Curated by Eric Troncy, this exhibition will explore the influence of Picasso’s artistic practices on contemporary and globalised art.

On this occasion, Picasso’s works will be exhibited alongside those of artists who recognised his impact, including Francis Bacon, Martin Kippenberger, and Maria Lassnig, as well as contemporary artists like Claire Tabouret and Rashid Johnson.

‘The Echo of Picasso’ is part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Picasso Museum in Malaga and is also integrated into the international ‘Celebrating Picasso 1973-2023’ program.


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