Motorcyclist crashes at 220km/hr while trying to avoid a traffic police helicopter in Valencia

A VALENCIA motorbike rider smashed into the back of a car after he was caught driving at more than double the speed limit.

A DGT Trafico helicopter clocked the man whizzing along the V-21 bus lane at 220 km/h where the maximum speed permitted is 100 km/h.

The chopper crew radioed the Valencia Guardia Civil to warn them about the errant biker who was driving haphazardly as he weaved his way round vehicles to overtake them unsafely and even resorted to motoring along on the hard shoulder.

When the biker spotted he was being monitored by the helicopter, he changed his riding posture to try to cover his rear number plate with his boots to avoid being identified, but his details had already been logged.

On the edge of Valencia City, he crashed into the back of a car at a set of traffic lights, and the impact threw him off the bike and he hit a metal barrier, causing a serious leg injury.

Police patrols and paramedics attended the scene and took the biker to hospital.

He faces two charges of speeding and reckless driving, which could lead to a two year prison term, community service, fines, and having his driving licence removed for up to six years.


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