Motorists in Spain could be fined €200 for wearing a coat while driving this winter

DRIVERS in Spain are being warned to be careful what they wear this winter behind the wheel because some warm clothing could see them hit with a €200 fine.

Any clothing or footwear that is not considered suitable for driving as it could compromise a person’s ability to control a vehicle, could see a driver in hot water.

Typically many people cope with the cold snap by wearing warmer clothing, such as coats while driving their car.  

But motoring experts have urged those taking to the roads to be wary of what they’re wearing.

While not technically against the law, failing to wear the correct clothes while behind the wheel breaches Article 18 of the  General Traffic Regulations and could be classed as driving without due care and attention.

The General Traffic Regulations states: “A coat that is too large or that is too bulky can interfere with the functions of the seat belt. 

“The driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movement.” 

Just as high-heeled footwear or flip flops can limit the movement of ankles and impact the use of pedals, a thick winter jacket could interfere with your ability to drive safely. 

Drivers are often wary of driving in flip flops over the summer months, but come winter it is important to remember that trying to drive in a bulky coat can affect your visibility and ability to steer, use the gear stick and other controls.

Failure to have proper control of a vehicle could lead to a maximum fine of €200  – so perhaps it’s time to crank up the heating in your car and leave your big coat in the boot! 


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