Need a job? Mercadona is looking for workers across the country with salaries of up to €78,000

MERCADONA is looking for new workers across the country ahead of the Christmas season.

The supermarket giant is hugely popular among jobseekers thanks to its generous salaries, which begin at over €1,500 per month and progress to more than €2,000.

The Valencian company is in need of cleaners, maintenance workers, delivery drivers and cashiers.

One store in Jaen city is even looking for an on-site doctor with a starting salary of €51,571, with the promise of it increasing to a maximum of €78,288, reports La Informacion.  

Anyone interested can apply via the jobs portal on the Mercadona website. 

Any Brits applying will need to have full residency and a professional level of Spanish. 

For full-time contracts, Mercadona offers a gross salary of €1,507 per month. 

If the offer is partial, the wage is €565 per month for 15 hours and €753 for 20 hours per week.

Other jobs going at the supermarkets include fishmongers, butchers, perfumers or shelf stackers.

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