New autumn immunisation program against respiratory illness for babies in Spain’s Andalucia

BABIES in Andalucia are to receive a new immunisation shot to combat a contagious respiratory illness that causes 200,000 annual hospitalisations nationally.

The vaccination campaign aims to protect 63,600 children under six months from bronchiolitis, which is caused by the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). 

RSV is responsible for putting 70% of child hospitalisations due to respiratory infections.

Experts have said that the shot, budgeted to cost €13.8 million, should drastically reduce the numbers of children in hospital with this issue by 80%.

The campaign will use the nirsevimab antibody (Beyfortus), with the goal of significantly reducing healthcare costs and ease the burden on paediatric clinics and hospitals during the busy autumn and winter seasons.

Andalucia and Galicia are leading the campaign, with Spain being the first country globally to include nirsevimab in its immunisation programmes.

Infants up to six months old and those under two years at high risk will be the ones to receive the antibody. 

Clinical trials have shown its effectiveness in preventing 83.3% of respiratory infections for six months following administration.


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