New shooting on Spain’s Costa del Sol: Man is shot in the buttocks and thigh in Mijas

A MAN has been shot in the buttocks and thigh in Mijas in the latest Costa del Sol shooting. 

The Guardia Civil are investigating an incident involving a firearm in Mijas, Malaga after a man has been shot. 

He recieved two shots, one to the buttocks and another to the thigh. 

The victim, a man of Morrocan descent, has been taken into the Hospital Costa del Sol. 

Speaking to investigators, he believes he was the victim of mistaken identity and the attackers mistook their target for another man. 

However, the police are considering all possibilities and will continue to investigate. 

The incident occurred at around 10:00 pm last night and is the second to occur in Mijas in less than a week. 

Last Friday, a man was taken to hospital after being shot in the buttocks while reportedly escaping a flat where he had been held hostage.

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