Oil giant Cepsa announces plans for 15 biomethane plants in Spain by 2030, enough to power 2 million homes a year

SPANISH oil giant Cepsa is planning to establish up to 15 biomethane plants in Spain by 2030, enough to generate four terawatts per hour.

The plants will harness agricultural and livestock waste to produce biomethane, designed to replace natural gas in Cepsa’s industrial operations. 

The impact of this shift is significant, as it promises to recycle a staggering 10 million tonnes of waste annually while cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 728,000 tons each year.

Four terawatt-hours (TWh) is a significant amount of energy, which could power a substantial number of homes and industries.

It is enough to provide power to around 2 million average households for an entire year.

It could also charge over 2.5 billion miles for an average electric car, or power a fleet of around 50,000 electric buses for a year.

The first five of these groundbreaking plants are slated to come online between 2025 and 2026. 


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