PICTURED: Young scientist, 23, who was killed by a falling tree while crossing the road during Storm Ciaran in Spain’s Madrid

JULIA Rodriguez Maeso, 23, was killed by a falling tree in Madrid as Storm Ciaran tears through the country.

Julia Rodriguez Maeso, Linkedin

The young scientist had just begun a promising career in biomedical science when she was struck down by a tree whilst crossing the Calle Almagro with her parents. 

From Esparraguerra, near Barcelona, the woman had just started working as an intern in the Marketing and Neuroscience department of pharmaceutical company Novartis. 

She had previously worked as an accountant and studied for a Masters in Biomedicine and Pharmacy at Talento-Ephos, a business school in Madrid. 

Born on April 18, 2000, Julia had always been an outstanding student. Growing up, she was a fan of Justin Beiber and FC Barcelona.

According to reports, at least five others were injured when strong winds felled a tree in Calle Almagro in the capital on Thursday, November 2. 

Before emergency services arrived, neighbours reportedly tried to move the tree, a 20 metre-long, siberian oak, weighing 2,000 kilos, but no one could do anything to save Julia. 

The city is no longer on red alert for strong winds, but northern areas including the coast of Galicia continue to be affected. 

At least nine parks in the capital, including the Retiro, were closed yesterday after residents woke up to fallen trees and crushed cars.

One father in Madrid told TeleMadrid that he and his daughter were seconds away from death when their car was crushed.

Luckily they managed to leave the vehicle moments before a huge tree fell on top of it.

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