Platoon sergeant faces jail over shooting of Spanish Legionnaire during army exercise in Spain’s Mallorca

A PLATOON sergeant faces seven-and-half years in jail for shooting dead a 21-year old Spanish Legionnaire from Palma during a military exercise.

The sergeant is to stand trial for the death of Mallorcan Alejandro Jimenez, who died in Alicante after being shot by the sergeant with a rifle.

The prosecution is arguing for a seven and a half year prison sentence for the incident which took place on March 25, 2019.

It remains unclear whether the shooting was deliberate.

A lieutenant of the same company is also standing trial and could get five years for aiding in the cover up of the man’s death as well as for altering the scene of the crime. 

Alejandro Jimenez Legionario
Mallorcan Alejandro Jimenez: Photo: VOX Baleares official twitter page

Jimenez died from a rifle shot while kneeling to change his ammunition.

After the incident, the sergeant is alleged to have intimidated key witnesses and also berated one of the soldiers who broke down in tears following his comrades death.

The judge concluded in the hearing that the sergeant tried to cover up the crime by tampering with evidence and threatening his fellow soldiers to keep silent.

At least eight other people are being investigated for their part in the crime.


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