Police arrest man who sat semi-naked on car roof during mountain road trip in Spain’s Castellon area

TWO men have been charged with reckless driving after one of them sat on a car roof on a road outside Castellon in the Valencian Community.

Guardia Civil officers were alerted to a social media video recorded in October showing a vehicle on a hilly stretch of the CV-147 Castellon-Benicassim road with a semi-naked man on top of it.

Painstaking investigations allowed officers to identify the location of the incident and where the driver and his foolhardy passenger came from.

The two men, aged 23 and 41, have been charged with road safety offences .

One of the offenders has been jailed for unrelated criminal acts.

The Guardia Civil said the mountain road was especially risky for the illegal stunt due to its numerous bends and reduced visibility, as well as being a serious distraction for other motorists.

A spokesman said: “Such behaviour endangered the life of other drivers, occupants, and road users.”

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