Police in Spain’s Valencia look for beggar suspected of killing bar owner who would not give him money

A 47-year-old man died from multiple stab wounds in a Valencia street on Friday morning as he was about to open his bar

Several witnesses told the Policia Nacional that they saw a beggar attack the Chinese national around 7.00 am.

There are claims the victim refused to give the beggar any money which prompted the assault.

The business owner was knifed from behind outside Bar La Rotonda on Calle Joaquin Ballester in the Les Tendetes area of the city.

He was stabbed in the heart, along with two wounds to his abdomen and chest.

Paramedics managed to stabilise his condition but the serious extent of his injuries meant he died later at La Fe Hospital.

A waiter from an adjoining bar told the Las Provincias newspaper: “He was a charming guy and didn’t deserve what happened to him.”

The search for the assailant continues.


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