Police investigate 96 ‘possible cases’ of needle spiking across Spain’s Andalucia

ANDALUCIAN health services have treated 96 people so far this summer who believe they suffered needle spiking attacks while on a night out as a wave of cases spread across Spain.

The latest data from Andalucia’s health ministry shows that the highest number have occurred in Cadiz with 38, followed by Huelva with 16 and Sevilla and Malaga with 10 each, Granada with nine, Almeria with seven, Cordoba with four and Jaen with two.

The most recent suspected cases occurred during the feria in Malaga on August 14, when two women aged 19 and 23 were possible victims of needle spiking.

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Police investigate 96 ‘possible cases’ of needle spiking across Spain’s Andalucia. Image Wikipedia

By far the majority of those targeted were women with just nine of the cases reported by men.

In all of the cases in Andalucia, a blood and urine test was carried out in hospital to discover if the victim was injected with any substance, but all have proved negative.

In most of the cases investigated across Spain, police have found no evidence that the victims were drugged, although anecdotally many of those who reported the attacks said they felt waves of nausea or sleepiness after feeling a prick. 

But the Junta has emphasised that pricking someone with a needle is a crime in itself, as it requires medical assistance.


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