Police stop distressed teenager leaping to her death from Valencia apartment block in Spain

POLICE saved the life of an 18-year-old Valencia woman by grabbing her trouser buckle as she stood perched on a 14th floor apartment window ledge.

The Policia Nacional received reports on Thursday evening of a young woman behaving aggressively in a Maritim district apartment.

Her mother said she was breaking furniture and had locked herself in her bedroom.

Officers broke in and saw her standing on the window ledge and gripping the frame with just one hand.

On seeing the police, she let go of her hand and threatened to jump if anybody approached her.

Officers tried to calm her down as fire crews brought in a safety mattress in case she carried out her threat.

A female officer managed to gain her trust and approached the teenager.

She grabbed her hand and also her trouser buckle to pull her back to safety.

The woman was taken to hospital to be assessed.


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