Protests break out after Spain’s latest gender-based violence saw a woman allegedly killed by her husband in La Linea murder-suicide

Protestors gathered today to express their disgust over the latest case of gender-based violence to rock Spain with the murder of a woman in La Linea.

Officials and residents of nearby San Roque in Cadiz province, including Members of the Women’s Information Center (CIM), the mayor and other members of the government, joined the protest outside the Town Hall.

They held a banner with the slogan ‘No more murder of women! San Roque against all forms of gender-based violence’ after a period which saw as many as 50 such murders in Spain in 2022 alone.

The protest comes a day after the slaying of a 64-year-old Italian woman in La Linea along with the death of a 65-year old Swiss man yesterday. 

San Roque Gender Protest 1
The banner reads: ‘No more murder of women! San Roque against all forms of gender-based violence’ as residents express outrage at the second woman to be shot to death by her husband in Cadiz province in less than a month

Agents found the couple, who had been residents in the town of La Linea for ‘many years’, with gunshot wounds inside a house in the Alcaidesa housing development.

The working theory is that the it is a case of murder-suicide, with man shooting his partner and then himself. 

If confirmed, the province of Cadiz will have seen two women murdered at the hands of their partners, both by guns, in less than a month. 

The Government Delegation against Gender-Based Violence has already counted seven women murdered by their partners so far in this one-month-old year and 1,188 in total in the last 20 years.


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