Red-handed: Police nab bank robber who wore red gloves and twice targeted same branch in Spain’s Madrid

A THIEF who twice targeted the same Madrid bank wearing bright red gloves and threatened staff with a hunting knife, has been arrested.

The 58-year-old Cuban was a creature of habit. He entered the branch on Madrid’s upmarket Calle Sagasta at 1pm on a Wednesday in mid-January wearing a woolly hat, a snood pulled up over his face and bright red gloves.

He pulled out a hunting knife from a plastic bag he was carrying, threatened the bank teller behind the desk and demanded she hand over all the money. 

Then he made off with his loot.

Exactly one week later at the same time and dressed in the same attire he was back in the same branch and targeted the very same bank employee.

He again made off with a bag full of cash.

This time however, the police were quick to get to the scene and found the man casually standing on the metro platform at the station nearby carrying the stolen money and knife in a plastic bag

The man, who had been convicted of 25 previous offences including theft and drug dealing, was arrested and remanded to custody pending trial. 


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