Return to Mars: New ‘calima’ orange dust storm on way to Spain’s Malaga

A NEW ‘orange’ dust storm is on the way to Malaga – but it is not expected to be as severe as the March event which stained the Costa del Sol a Martian hue.

Rain and haze will hit the region on Wednesday according to Spain’s Met office (Aemet), which forecasts overcast skies and stormy showers for Wednesday afternoon.

calima hits malaga
NO FILTER: Calima hit Malaga and turned the Costa del Sol city orange in March

And it warns that suspended Saharan dust particles will once again descend from the sky in the phenomena known in Spain as calima.

Temperatures will range from a low of 13 degrees Celsius to a high of 23 degrees Celsius.

Showers will also make an appearance on Thursday in the form of light showers that are forecast to turn into thunderstorms by the late afternoon.


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