September tourist numbers set for record high on Spain’s Mallorca

MALLORCA’S tourist industry is predicting a record September with arrivals set to exceed those recorded in the same month three years ago.

The key indicator is that Palma airport is scheduled to welcome more visitors than in what was a record-breaking month back in 2019.

All signs are pointing to the airport exceeding a record high of 3.7 million passengers recorded in that year.

Tour operators have upgraded their September forecasts ‘because the demand of European tourists going to the island does not stop growing’.

Hotels are predicting an average occupancy of 70% though in some areas that will rise to above 80%.

September is also viewed as the most profitable month of the year with wealthier tourists going to Mallorca after the high peak summer season has passed.

It also allows hoteliers to raise prices which, depending on the area, will range between €120 and €160 per night.

As a counter-balance, hotels and other businesses do have far higher operating costs due to the current economic situation.


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