Shakira faces new tax fraud allegations, as public prosecutor accuses her of evading €6m in 2018

COLOMBIAN singing superstar Shakira evaded another €6 million from the Spanish taxman in the year 2018, as well as already having defrauded some €14.5 million in her early years in Spain. That’s according to the Spanish public prosecutor, which has just released information about this second accusation against her. 

News about these allegations first surfaced in July of this year, but now the details have emerged of the wrongdoing that the public prosecutor believes it has uncovered.

This includes a scheme to ‘fake’ the transfer of her music rights to a ‘web of firms’, which allegedly turned out to be shell companies with no employees or activity. 

The fraud includes €5.3 million of income tax (known as IRPF in Spanish) as well as another €700,000 in capital gains tax, according to media reports about the prosecutor’s findings. 

The public prosecutor has called on Interpol to advise the singer about the lawsuit and a court summons for her to be questioned, Spanish daily El Pais reported. 

Shakira and Piqué
Shakira and Piqué at the David Cup tennis tournament in 2019.

Shakira has been living in the United States since moving with her children from her former home in Barcelona, in the wake of her very public break-up with former FC Barcelona football player Gerard Pique

This latest accusation comes just two months before Shakira will be in court over the first case, in which she is accused of evading paying taxes in Spain by claiming that she was not properly resident in the country during the early years of her relationship with Pique, from 2012 to 2014. 

In that case she could face up to eight years in prison and a fine of more than €23 million.

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