Spain identifies first cases of new COVID-influenza combination called flurone

SPAIN’S first cases of flurone, a combination of COVID-19 and influenza, have been identified in the Catalunya region.

Speaking this Monday, Catlunya’s health service director, Gemma Craywinckel, said: “The cases are nor particularly serious or different to deal with compared to individual flu and COVID-19 infections.”

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GEMMA CRAYWINCKEL (Catalunya Regional Health Department image)

Israel announced the world’s first detected flurone case in a pregnant unvaccinated 30-year-old woman on Sunday.

A gynaecologist at her hospital said that the ‘diseases are the same as they are both viral and cause shortness of breath by attacking upper respiratory track’.

Gemma Craywinckel observed that it was perfectly normal for the two viruses to coexist ‘at the same time’ as they circulate in the same environment.

No further information has been released about the person or persons infected by flurone in Catalunya.


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