Spain records its lowest level of unemployment since 2008

Spain has recorded its lowest level of unemployment since 2008, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy. 

In May, unemployment fell by almost 50,000 people and over 200,000 workers were registered in the Social Security. 

However, the increase in the number of Social Security members is smaller than the one in May last year, when 213,643 registrations were recorded. 

A total of 20,815,399 people are now under the Spanish Social Security scheme, its highest number ever.  

Meanwhile, figures show there are currently 2,739,110 people unemployed, the lowest record in the country in the last 15 years. 

It has been reported that 70% of the new jobs created are within the services sector. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Labour, Yolanda Diaz, has said that the figures are ‘very positive’. 

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