Spain’s Antonio Banderas seeks to launch musical in English about Malaga-born artist Pablo Picasso

STAR of innumerable Hollywood movies, Antonio Banderas, has revealed that he is initiating negotiations with some Broadway companies about staging a musical in English about Pablo Picasso.

If the negotiations materialise, Banderas aims for the world premiere to be held at the Soho Theater in Malaga, the city where Picasso was born 141 years ago.

“There is a project related to Picasso, but I can’t say more,” Banderas said yesterday, Tuesday February 21, during a press conference at the Soho Pops Symphony Orchestra concert presentation.

According to the Malaga-born actor and director, if the project becomes a reality, it would be a “milestone”, due to the fact that it would be performed in English and it would be the first time a Broadway company would perform and premiere in Spain for a play of that level.

The 62-year-old, Oscar-nominated Spanish actor is busier than ever and perhaps one of the busiest men in showbusiness right now, having recently completed 240 performances of the hit musical Company, where he was not only leading the cast, but also director and theatre promoter.


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