Spain’s Civil Guard frees French woman held for two months by violent partner in Castellon hotel

THE CIVIL Guard has freed a woman who was held and violently assaulted by her partner for a two-month period in a hotel in Castellon province. Their two-year-old son was also liberated by the authorities. 

The alarm was raised by a daughter of the victim, who alerted the Spanish authorities from her home in France that her mother had been illegally detained by the suspect. 

The victim is a 45-year-old French national, while the suspect is 36 years old and also from France. The latter has a criminal record in his home country for domestic violence. 

A Civil Guard patrol was sent to the hotel in Alcossebre to look for the victim, and located the suspect and the young boy in a room on the top floor. 

The suspect allowed the officers to enter the room, where they found the woman with clear signs of physical abuse and visibly nervous. 

Speaking to her alone, the officers established that she could not move from where she was sitting on a sofa-bed due to the beatings to her legs she had received from the suspect.

She also claimed that she had been held against her will in the hotel since Christmas Eve. 

The officers arrested the man on domestic abuse charges, and took the victim to a local hospital for the treatment of her injuries.

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