Spain’s Civil Guard launches probe after nine wild horses found shot dead in Galicia

THE CIVIL GUARD has launched an investigation after nine wild horses were found dead in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region. The animals showed clear signs of a violent death, meaning any culprit could be facing charges under the country’s animal cruelty laws. 

The grisly discovery was made in the mountains of O Barbanza, which is located in the southwest of A Coruña province.

There were six mares and a foal belonging to the same owner, according to Spanish TV network Telecinco, as well as another two horses from a nearby mountain herd. 

The horses’ fatal wounds were from gunshots, and the shootings are thought to have taken place between September 19 and 21 in various points of the mountains in O Barbanza. 

The investigation will be headed up by the Civil Guard’s Seprona nature protection service. 

A reform to Spain’s Criminal Code to toughen up punishment for animal cruelty is due to come into force later this month, after it was approved in Congress in March.

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