Spain’s Costa del Sol sees boom in car rentals as bookings are at a historic high

DATA provided by the National Business Federation of Car Rental with and without driver (Feneval) shows that the Costa del Sol is the leading location for car rental on the Spanish mainland.

A striking 80 and 85% of car rentals throughout Andalucia are concentrated on the Costa del Sol.

Bookings for rental cars on the coast have increased 2% on the figures from 2019, their best year for tourism.

Local visitors are not the only clients, though, with the sector seeing a huge increase in international tourism. Visitors from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are the main clients.

Despite the increase in rentals, the sector is struggling to profit due to an increase in energy and personnel costs.

“The challenge this season is to cope with these increased costs,” says Ana Maria Garcia, the president of the Association of Vehicle Rental Service Businesses (Aesva).


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