Spain’s national police arrest Poland’s most notorious white-collar criminal in Marbella

A Polish national alleged to be the head of an organized crime group has been arrested in Marbella and is considered one of the most notorious white-collar criminals in Poland.

The detainee is charged with forgery of documents, money laundering, tax offences, offences against public order and membership of a criminal organization.

He was arrested by police at a cafeteria in Marbella where he was completely covered with a cap, dark glasses and a coat, he was in possession of more than €6000 in cash and a falsified Polish document posing as another person.

The investigation into the detainee started in 2022 when Polish authorities contacted the National Police and the case was then brought under the ENFAST, the European fugitive network.  

Last year Poland decided to include the accused on Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives list, making him one of three of the most searched for criminals in Europe.

The fugitive had been on the run between Spanish provinces, observing a high level of vigilance to avoid being caught by the authorities. 


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