Spain’s Valencia in final countdown for annual Fallas celebrations

VALENCIA is putting together the finishing touches to preparations for the annual Fallas celebrations which start on March 1.

Special street lighting is being erected around the city centre ahead of the festival which will run until March 19- the day which celebrates Valencia’s patron saint, San Jose.

The Fallas originated from an old carpenter’s tradition which saw old pieces of wood burnt on March 19 to celebrate the start of spring.

The wood was used to prop up house and workshop lights during the winter.

The traditional Fallas curtain-raiser takes place this Sunday with a firework display at Serrano Towers and a professional demonstration of rocket-lighting in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The daily Mascleta show will be held from a week on Wednesday at 2.00 pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

A Masclet gives off a far-bigger bang than traditional firecrackers and literally vibrate underneath the feet of spectators.

For those of a less-nervous disposition, one of the Fallas highlights will be the huge ‘ninot’ statues that were burnt in carpenters bonfires, with many of them once again set to be caricatures of celebrities and politicians.


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