Student falls from her third floor balcony ‘after eating piece of weed brownie and hallucinating’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A FEMALE Malaga student is lucky to be alive after eating a home-made marijuana brownie which made her believe she was being kidnapped- leading her to leap from a third-floor window.

The woman is said to be out of danger after several days in the Regional Hospital’s ICU following the incident on September 30- details of which have only just been released by the Policia Nacional.

Inquiries have ruled out her friends from directly causing her fall, with authorities concluding that the young woman suffered a hallucination after eating a small piece of the drug-laden brownie.

The concoction included three grams of marijuana and had been baked by a student group who followed a You Tube instructional video.

Police received a call that the young woman was being held against her will and when patrols arrived, they found her lying on the ground.

Three floors up some students were screaming as they leant out of the window from where she fell.

Prior to her leap, she had tipped off a friend that she was being chased by people who wanted to kidnap her.

She locked herself in her room after being sick in the bathroom.

Her friends busted down the door and saw an open window which she had leapt out of.

The police hypothesis is that the young woman, after ingesting part of the brownie, entered a kind of ‘trance’ that brought about persecution mania, resulting in her wanting to escape via the window due to her hallucination.

She suffered fractures to her arms and legs, as well as abdominal and chest trauma and did well to pull through after doctors feared for her life during her first few hours in the hospital ICU.

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