The Olive Press works: €20,000 business from one ad!

IT is a question every sales rep fears asking. And the answer is not an exact science.

But, every once in a while you have to ask your clients how well things are working for them… and what more you can do.

Thankfully, the results for the Olive Press are remarkably good.

Take Matt Jones’ recent call to his client John Neal, at global eco-landscaping company, Cape Reed International.

Checking how his first print ad in Spain had performed for years (in our Property Magazine in February), his answer was positive in the extreme.

“Three potential clients called and one signed up so far for €20,000 to €22,000,” John told him. “I’ll be honest I really didn’t think print worked any more, but now I stand corrected.”

And he’s not the only one.

Martin Tye at solar panel company Mariposa Energia, revealed: “I’ve had so many bookings via the Olive Press, I don’t bother with other publications.”

Meanwhile, when we ran a couple of articles on a stunning rural hotel, near Estepona, called DDG Retreat, the place found its phone run off the hook. “We actually got more bookings from the Olive Press than an article in the Times, so well done,” marketing boss Daria told us.

But, best of all, were two recent mail out campaigns for a pair of leading restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

The first, Nomad, which just opened, received no less than 83 bookings across two carefully targeted emails to our online subscribers.

The second, Bono Beach, combined two print ads with one subscriber mailout and has had 75 bookings so far. It’s fair to say, they’re happy with the result.

Alongside stories and reviews, both in print and online at, we offer Instagram posts, YouTube videos, Facebook stories and even TikTok videos. It’s called 360-degree marketing and it means we can offer something for everybody. 

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