The party’s over: Malaga approves crackdown on raucous stag and hen do’s

The city of Malaga has approved proposals to come down on wild and boisterous behaviour by weekend partygoers. 

The council has passed a new bylaw aimed at reigning in stag and hen parties who get a little too rowdy in public places. 

It is now officially a fineable offence to walk around Malaga naked, in just underwear, dressed as a giant inflatable penis or wielding sex toys or other ‘elements of a sexual nature or with accessories that represent genitals.’

If anyone is caught breaking the new law, they will be given one warning by local police. 

If they persist, they may face a fine of up to €750, which is the same amount as the fine for vandalism, bathing in fountains, or performing acrobatics on bikes or skateboards in public areas.

With the rising popularity of hen and stag parties in the city, some locals and opposition groups have been putting pressure on the council to do something about the associated anti-social behaviour. 

The council says it wants to ensure that local residents can live in peace and that public spaces are preserved as places where people can meet, coexist, and enjoy their leisure time while respecting others.

So, the Olive Press advises: If you’re planning a party in Malaga anytime soon, make sure to keep your clothes on and leave any genital-themed accessories at home. 


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