These two picturesque towns in Spain will pay you THOUSANDS to live there

Across Europe, many rural areas are facing a depopulation crisis. As younger residents move away or decide not to have children, towns are left with an ageing population. 

As the population threatens to die out, some towns have taken the radical decision to offer cash incentives for new residents including relocation grants and monthly payouts. 

Two of these tranquil destinations are found in the mountains of northern Spain, offering expats the chance at a fresh start with the help of a generous financial incentive. 

Located in a UNESCO bio reserve, Ponga, Asturias is an idyllic town of just 600 residents. 

The village is nearby the beautiful Parque Natural de Ponga. Photo: Turismo Asturias

Just an hour’s drive from the coast and home to many great hiking trails, the local council will pay Brits €2,971 to relocate and a further €2,971 for any baby born there. 

However, in order to take advantage of the offer, Brits must commit to Ponga for at least five years.

Another Spanish town hoping to attract expats is Rubia, Galicia. 

Surrounded by the Sierra de la Encina national park, the rural village will give new residents €150 per month to live there. 

The scheme, targeted at families, hopes to raise numbers at the local school. 

A 2.5 hours drive from Santiago de Compostela, the area is popular with hikers due to the abundance of rivers, lakes and stunning views. 


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