Three disorientated mountaineers rescued from Spain’s Sierra de las Nieves in blizzard conditions

THREE mountaineers have been rescued after heavy snowfall lashed Spain’s Sierra de las Nieves.

The three climbers were left disorientated in sub-zero, snowy conditions after thick fog blanketed the mountain range of the Penibaetic System in Málaga Province.

The incident took place yesterday, Wednesday February 8, as an intense storm lashed the whole of Malaga province.

The mountaineers became disoriented between the Los Quejigales refuge and the Torrecilla peak and made an SOS call for help as one of the climbers had become hypothermic.

Members of the Junta’s environment agency were sent out to locate and assist the trapped mountaineers.

Part of the rescue mission was completed on foot as the heavy snowfall and ice meant that the access road to Los Pilones was impassable.

The three disorientated climbers were successfully rescued and treated for hypothermia.

The Junta’s environment agency has called for utmost caution when entering the park, as it is still snowing and the heavy fog has not yet dissipated.


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