Torremolinos police chase: Thieves caught after robbing 195,000 euros worth of jewelry

Crooks who stole 195,000 euros worth of jewelry have been chased through the streets of Torremolinos after a brazen robbery during broad daylight. 

Police spotted two people suspiciously loitering outside a jewelry store in the heart of the coastal Malaga neighbourhood about 11.45am today, before they made a quick dash inside the shop to steal a bunch of valuable jewels. 

Two plain-clothed agents chased them down and arrested one person, but the other got away and fled in a car that was waiting nearby. 

The car was then pursued by two police vehicles through Torremolinos, before officers finally stopped them and arrested four people about 12.30pm. 

Some officers were ‘slightly injured’ during the police pursuit. 

The four detainees have been handed over to Policia Nacional.


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