Travel CHAOS as THOUSANDS of train passengers are left stranded after Renfe is forced to cancel journeys in the wake of the so-called DANA storm

THOUSANDS of desperate passengers travelling between Madrid and Andalucia have seen their trains cancelled as DANA’s torrential rains hit Spain. 

All trains departing from Madrid’s Atocha train station to any Andalucian destination were cancelled from 5pm on Sunday due to the extreme weather conditions, leaving all travellers stuck in Spain’s capital. 

Massive queues of hundreds of people were formed in front of the offices of train operators Iryo and Renfe, whose staff were overwhelmed trying to allocate complainers into a train the day after. 

Angry passengers demanded an explanation and complained to the Olive Press that no solution was being given to them in addition to a refund. 

Hundreds of people at Renfe’s office trying to solve their situation. Photo: Alberto Lejarraga.

Carmen, a tax adviser who had been enjoying her weekend in Madrid with two of her friends, told the Olive Press her delicate situation. 

“I am on probation for a new job and I had to be back at work tomorrow. I have called my boss and he said he understands, but I am still very nervous about it,” she said. 

Carmen (left), Carmen and Lourdes (right) after their train to Malaga got cancelled. Photo: Alberto Lejarraga.

Her friend, also named Carmen, explains that they were inside their train to Malaga when they were asked to leave the carriage. 

“We were inside the 5pm train to Malaga when the conductor explained there could be a delay due to the heavy rains. However, a few minutes later, he said that because of a flood in the railway, we had to leave the train and wait outside until the situation was fixed, but the issue wasn’t solved,” she said. 

Their friend Lourdes added that they ‘will need to stay in Madrid an extra night and then take another train or a bus the day after.’ 

Dozens of people check the screen to realise their train got cancelled. Photo: Alberto Lejarraga.
Hundreds of people queue outside Iryo’s office after the massive train cancellations. Photo: Alberto Lejarraga.

Meanwhile, standing in a long queue, Estepona residents Pepi and her daughter Amelia tell the Olive Press their 5:50 pm train to Malaga was also cancelled. 

Hundreds of angry passengers complain at Renfe’s customer service office. Video: Alberto Lejarraga.

“We went to a festival in Madrid but it was s*** because it rained most of the time. We have booked a hotel in Madrid for the night and we are trying to find a bus that would take us to Malaga tomorrow,” Pepi said. 

Next to them, Jose Andres, who also attended the festival, was dealing with an even more difficult situation.

“I had to take a train to Sevilla and then another one to Cadiz, as I live in Conil de la Frontera, so I am having a really hard time,” he said.

Jose Andres (left), Amelia and Pepi (right) also had their trains cancelled. Photo: Alberto Lejarraga.

Also travelling to Sevilla, Moira, from Argentina, was trying to find out a solution for her cancelled train. 

“My husband is speaking to a car rental company to see if we can get a car to drive from Madrid,” she told the Olive Press.  

Chaos reigned at the station as no more trains departed from Atocha to Andalucia on Sunday evening, leaving thousands stuck in Madrid. 

However, despite today’s heavy rains, trains between Madrid and Andalucia have been running since 8am, although Renfe has stated that delays can take place. 

Footage shows huge queues outside train operator Iryo’s office. Video: Alberto Lejarraga.

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