Two non-local men arrested for alleged racism against Jewish community in Gibraltar

POLICE arrested two foreign men who allegedly hurled abuse at members of the Jewish community on Gibraltar’s Main Street Tuesday morning.

Officers arrested the Portuguese and Spanish nationals, aged 21 and 26-years-old, after members of the public reported them to the police.

Once at New Mole House officers charged them with Racially Aggravated Intentional Harrassment, Alarm and Distress.

The incident took place in the area of Mothercare on Gibraltar’s Main Street, police said.

Police further arrested the 21-year-old for possession of drugs once they searched them at the police station.

Both men are now in custody as police carry out an investigation.

It follows last weekend’s violence as Palestinian militants took southern Israel by surprise in a jarring attack on Saturday morning.

Hamas militants killed over 1,000 Israelis after they broke through border fences and even paraglided into Israel while raining down thousands of rockets.

The Israeli air force responded by hitting hundreds of targets across the Gaza Strip, killing top Hamas leaders, it claimed Tuesday.

The UN commission said: “There is already clear evidence that war crimes may have been committed in the latest explosion of violence in Israel and Gaza.”

It is already collecting evidence from ‘all sides’ since October 7, with reports from Gaza suggesting more than 800 people died in bombing raids.

UN Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk said he was ‘deeply shocked and appalled by allegations of summary executions of civilians’.

But he also hit out at Israel’s ‘full siege of Gaza’ warning the Middle Eastern country that threatening the lives of Palestinians was ‘prohibited under international humanitarian law’.

Gibraltar has a sizeable Jewish community that plays a large part in city life and rarely suffers any form of racial abuse or open hatred.

Outgoing Together Gibraltar parliamentarian Marlene Hassan Nahon criticised the main political parties for not commenting on the violence.

“More Jews were murdered on Saturday than on any one day since the Holocaust,” she revealed in a social media post.


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