Two women ‘drugged elderly people to rob their homes before stripping them naked and taking photos’ in Spain’s Valencia

TWO WOMEN who drugged, humiliated, and robbed elderly people in two Valencia province towns have been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

The Spanish females- aged 41 and 50- stole over €10,000 from two victims in Lliria and Vilamarxant, who they doped with benzodiazepine.

The Guardia launched Operation Pazola in July 2022 when officers in Lliria got a complaint from an elderly man who was robbed after being pumped full of narcotics.

The two women knew the victim and he was left unconscious for four days, during which €9,300 was taken.

He was also stripped naked and photographed with the intention of distributing the humiliating images.

Investigations then uncovered a second victim in Villamarxant- another elderly man who suffered with a functional disability.

He was drugged and left to sleep for two days, as €1,600 was stolen.

The assailants were eventually identified and arrested, but one of them fled south to Cadiz province where she was tracked down by the Guardia Civil.

Both women have been charged with robbery and harassment in addition to drug possession.

The case is being handled by a court in Lliria.

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