VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Tourist train flips over injuring 11 holidaymakers including four children on Spain’s Mallorca

AN EYEWITNESS has told the Olive Press that a tourist train crossing the resort of Santanyl on Mallorca was going too fast when it flipped over tipping its passengers onto the road.

Some eleven people were injured, including four children, when one of the wagons of the train tipped over as it went round a curve in Cala dor on Wednesday.

Daniel Espasses, 32, a resident in Palma told the Olive Press “I was in my car really close to the train when the accident took place and I just don’t think the train was going slow enough to be safe.”

He said most of the people on the train appeared to be British holidaymakers.

“I believe that most of the people on the train were British tourists with their kids,” he said.

“I saw several kids with injuries on their faces, caused by the impact with the road, and a woman with a very severe injury to her back.”

He shared a video he took of the scene with the Olive Press:

Accident of a tourist train in Mallorca. Video The Olive Press.

Staff rushed out of a local hotel to help the injured until emergency services arrived on the scene.

Eight of those injured were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance while three treated at the scene.

Local reports suggested the injuries were minor.

Policia Nacional are investigating the incident and initial theory suggests the driver took the bend too fast when one of wheels hit a kerb, upending the final carriage in the train.


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