VIEW WITH CAUTION: Charity rescues ‘skeletal’ horse in “worst case of neglect in years” on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ANOTHER sick horse was rescued from Almoradi this week, as the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre responded to an emergency call from local authorities.

Neglected Horse 4
RESCUED: Odin, now safe in Rojales

“It is the worse case of neglect we have had in years,” said Sue Weeding, centre co-founder, as she described the condition of the equine.

She revealed; “He has a heart murmur, neurological problems which could be due to malnutrition and his feet and teeth are in a terrible state. He is absolutely skeletal.”

Husband, Rod Weeding, answered the call from Guardia Civil, and managed to reach the animal, the 30th to be collected from Almoradi.

The charity’s specialist vet assessed the newest arrival, now named Odin, and claimed that she: “hadn’t seen a horse this bad in years.”

A veterinary report will be issued to the police who have promised to take further action.

The Rojales-based charity was recently in the news because their hardy Nissan SUV is nearing its final days, and a separate GoFundMe page has been set up in an effort to finance a replacement.

The couple admitted their surprise that the vehicle managed to get back from Almoradi pulling the horse trailer, as it’s in such a state.

If any readers can help in any way or support the current fundraising drives to replace the charity’s vehicle, contact them via their website

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