Violent criminal makes mistake of being caught in routine police check on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A violent robber has been arrested after his car was stopped at a Policia Nacional checkpoint in Alicante.

The detained man, 34, had six arrest warrants out against him issued by four Alicante courts, all of which requested his immediate imprisonment.

The criminal slipped up when a routine police stop of motorists in the city led to his identification and jailing.

The Policia Nacional said he had an extensive criminal record and his activities generated ‘great social alarm’.

His thefts were generally not of a large monetary value but his use of violence was extreme.

The criminal, an Algerian national, was also found to be living illegally in Spain.

He’s accused of carrying out a string of street robberies involving elderly victims.

He would quietly creep behind his targets before stealing a purse or wrenching away an item of jewellery before running away.

Victims said he acted so fast that they were unable to give any descriptions and police believe he may have struck on many occasions.

Home and business robberies were another of his specialities.

In one instance he was almost caught ‘red-handed’ by a house owner trying to force his front door.


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