Violent street thief who terrorised elderly women is arrested in Spain’s Valencia

A 22-year-old thief who caused major concern in Buñol after a string of violent assaults on elderly women has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

A special operation was launched to catch the man who always struck at night in narrow streets where there was no traffic- thus allowing him an easy escape under cover of darkness with no witnesses.

He’s been charged with four counts of robbery with violence against women aged between 60 and 77.

Two of his victims were seriously injured by him as he struggled to get hold of their valuables.

The Guardia Civil said the women had also suffered mental trauma and were now scared to go out alone or at night.

The thief covered his face with a hat and scarf during the attacks, and would keep them on while using stolen bank cards at ATMs in Buñol to avoid identification by surveillance cameras.

Nevertheless, he was still identified and arrested for the violent robberies in addition to two counts of fraud for using the pilfered bank cards to withdraw cash and make purchases.

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