Warning over latest ways burglars are using to break into your home in Spain

FAMILIES in Spain have been warned to be on their guard, as burglars have found a new technique to get into people’s homes.

The thieves are using a sneaky trick involving glue to work out if anyone is at home.

Taking to Twitter, the National Police have warned of a new method being used by thieves, which is similar to the one already well-known involving transparent plastic strips.

Police believe the glue string is used as a tactic by potential burglars wanting to scope out whether people were at home.

“Burglars place glue threads between the frame and the door to locate empty houses and break in,” they tweeted.

In this new method, the criminals place strings of glue between door and the frame.

With this simple trick, the crooks are able to work out if anyone has been entering the home or, if on the contrary, the doors has not opened for days.

Since learning about the trick, cops are urging people to keep regular tabs on their neighbours and ensure all doors and windows are locked.

Officers want to raise awareness so that residents can look out for their neighbours, those on holiday or people who cannot reach their home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The National Police force is calling for the public to be vigilant and if they find these glue strings at the entrance to their property, to call 091.


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