WARNING: Scammers in Gibraltar target ‘lonely hearts’ looking for romance

POLICE are warning of an online scam that plays on the hearts of people looking for romance.

An RGP spokesman said that some Gibraltarians have fallen prey to what they term ‘romance fraud’.

The fraudsters carefully groom vulnerable people with the promise of friendship and romance, and once they have won the hearts of their prey they strike.

‘Requests’ for money start being made, with the need for urgent medical attention a favourite ruse. Another is to ask for cash to pay for air fares to visit the victim, or to ‘invest’ on the victim’s behalf.

Police advise  people not to send or receive money from strangers, to use reputable dating sites and to think twice before using a webcam. They should not share personal details and should ‘trust their instincts’.

The spokesman said: “We hope people will follow this advice, but if anyone feels they have been scammed in this way, they should report it to 20072500 or www.police.gi/report-online. Don’t be ashamed, report it.”


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