Watch: Beachgoers left terrified as two-metre shark approaches the shore at this hugely popular holiday destination in Spain

A BEACH in the Canary Islands had to be closed on Saturday after a massive shark swam right up to the shore, terrifying locals and tourists alike. 

The two-metre-long specimen was first spotted by swimmers, who quickly raised the alarm at about 5.30pm on the Melenara beach in Telde, on the island of Gran Canaria. 

Lifeguards evacuated the water and raised the red flag, before setting off into the waters on a jet ski in a bid to located the shark. 

They were unsuccessful, however, and on Sunday it was still unclear when the beach would be reopened. 

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According to Spanish news channel Antena 3, it was most likely a hammerhead shark, which are not known to be aggressive towards humans. 

Shark sightings are common off the coast of the Canary Islands, and are considered by marine experts to be a part of the rich marine life in the waters, Antena 3 reported. 

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