WATCH: British reveller sparks fury after ‘spreading her brother’s ashes’ in hotel pool in Spain’s Ibiza

AN unrepentant British woman has been on the end of an unwelcome backlash after she spread her brother’s ashes among a sea of revellers at an Ibiza pool party.

The Scot was fulfilling her brother’s last wishes at a music festival taking place at Ushuaïa Ibiza,

However, the act, captured in a brief viral TikTok video, has provoked a strong reaction and divided opinions.

In a brief seven-second clip that quickly went viral, the woman can be seen knee-deep in the pool, dancing to the music. 

Suddenly, she takes a small container from her bag and, spinning around, begins to scatter its contents – a kind of black powder – while other partygoers remain oblivious to the unusual scene.

The opinions have ranged from disgust at the lack of hygiene to disapproval at having someone’s ashes mingled in with the pool water.

The woman defended her actions in a subsequent social media post.

“I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise… to absolutely no one,” she declared, borrowing a famous phrase from boxer Conor McGregor.

Shortly after uploading this viral video to TikTok, the woman found herself embroiled in controversy, facing a barrage of criticism from numerous internet users. 

As a result, the clip was removed from the platform, although it remains unclear whether TikTok took this action in response to user reports or if the woman deleted it herself.

Meanwhile, others have been more understanding, recognising that it was an act done in honour of another’s memory.


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