WATCH: Dramatic footage shows Spaniard’s narrow escape from blaze during Zamora wildfire in northwestern Spain

A SPANIARD attempting to build a fire break to save his village from the encroaching blaze narrowly escaped with his life after his digger was engulfed by flames.

Angel Martin Arjona can be seen sprinting from the inferno with his clothes alight in a video which captured the dramatic brush with death.

The man had been using his digger to create a trench at the edge of a field in the hope of preventing the wildfire from approaching the town of Tabara in Zamara province of Castilla y Leon.

The video shows the digger disappearing in flames and then the man running for his life while patting down clothes that are scorched from the flames.

Local media reported that he had been taken to hospital by helicopter and treated for burns.

The wildfire has already devastated 15,000 hectares since it broke out on Sunday and claimed two lives: a firefighter and a shepherd.

Some 32 villages have been evacuated affecting 5,800 people and the fire has caused at least eight main roads in the area to be closed.


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