Watch out! Car filmed driving on a TRAM LINE in Alicante 

A reckless driver was caught on camera haring down the tracks of the tram line in an Alicante town.

A viral video shared on Twitter shows the car on the tracks of the L2 line of the TRAM just before the UA stop in San Vicente del Raspeig.

Despite the video evidence, there is no record of any accident or collision involving the tram lines, indicating that a disastrous head-on collision with an incoming train was avoided.

Filmed by a driver on a road parallel to the tram line, it shows a SUV ploughing along the tracks, bumping over crossings and even arriving at a tram stop.

It has already overshot 500 likes and is quickly spreading like wildfire on social media.

How the vehicle ended up on the tracks is not yet known, however it is speculated that the most likely explanation for such a dangerous manoeuvre is that, rather than wanton recklessness, the driver made a basic mistake.

It is thought they took a nonexistent exit while passing the roundabout that connects Calle Alicante with Calle Perú and Calle Aeroplano, an area that also intersects with the TRAM.

This roundabout, which is one of the least illuminated points on the L2 route, is the only spot before the car’s position where the tracks and the road meet.

There is a history of traffic accidents around this juncture caused by drivers making similar mistakes.


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