WATCH: Topless man causes carnage at Palma de Mallorca airport after missing his early morning flight to Gran Canaria: Ryanair staff attacked, wounds self-inflicted with shard of glass

INCREDIBLE scenes unfolded at Palma airport when a passenger went on a violent rampage because he had missed his early morning flight to Gran Canaria.

The bare-chested man attacked Ryanair ground staff who were still at the gate and video footage showed him throwing trolleys, luggage and other items.

At one point, he seized a laptop and hurled it against a wall, repeating the act with a chair and then a printer.

Moments earlier, he had physically assaulted a Ryanair staff member.

palma airport rampage mallorca
The man attacked staff and vandalised the restricted zone of the airport after missing his flight

Within moments, six security personnel from private security company Trablisa rushed to the scene.

They were confronted by the enraged man out of his mind busily destroying anything he could and threatening staff.

The Guardia Civil were alerted, as the incident occurred in the restricted and Guardia-controlled ‘air zone.’ 

The out-of-control man then went into the women’s bathroom and came out with a shard of glass which he used to threaten the people in the vicinity.

He even turned it upon himself, carving wounds in his chest and abdomen until security managed to tackle and restrain him.

He was subsequently taken away for medical attention and then to the Guardia Civil’s headquarters to be processed.


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