Water restrictions in Marbella: All you need to know as new rules are brought in to tackle drought

NEW water restrictions have been imposed by the Ayuntamiento de Marbella in an attempt to control the drought. 

The measures, which will affect both public and private entities, will come into force ‘immediately’. 

It includes a ban on watering gardens, orchards and other green areas with drinking water. 

Cleaning streets, pavements and facades with drinking water is also prohibited and if you want to wash your car, you must take it to an official car wash. 

The ban also prohibits the filling of swimming pools. 

Public fountains, showers and pumps will be out of use and only fountains which reuse water will remain switched on. 

The measures hope to reduce the consumption of drinking water by 20%. 

According to Felix Romero, spokesperson for the Ayuntamiento de Marbella, the measures will be enforced by Local Police, who will fine anyone who breaks the rules. 

The council has also announced they will ensure the irrigation of public green spaces and decoration, with six vehicles with a capacity of 54,000 litres. 


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