Wheel of fortune with drilled hole in roulette machine netting fraudsters €50,000 in Spain’s Murcia

A roulette wheel game in a Aguilas gambling saloon was sabotaged to pay out €50,000 in five days.

The ringleader of the fraudsters smuggled in a battery drill in a shoulder bag to make a hole in the roulette dome on the gaming table.

A wire was then shoved down the hole to ensure that winning numbers were guaranteed.

Seven people- all in their twenties and from Aguilas- have been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

Two of the detainees had police records for similar crimes.

Beside making the illegal profit, €3,000 of damage was done to the roulette wheel.

The owner of the roulette machines got suspicious when one of the units coughed up a large amount of prizes.

Security camera videos showed a number of people always going to the same machine, with one of them stuffing a wire down it to manipulate the roulette ball onto the desired number.

All of the roulette playing gang have been charged with fraud and committing damage.


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