Winning design selected for new Marbella stadium

A WINNER has been chosen for a design competition for Marbella’s new multi-million pound sports stadium. 

The winning plan was designed by Huete Arquitectos studio, based near Marbella and Estepona with Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz describing the concept as ‘modern, sustainable and functional’.

The plan won the highest number of points, with 10 other entries also submitted.

The criteria stipulated all plans had to be of a football stadium with an 8,000 person capacity while also including an indoor, athletics track,  gym, fitness room and sufficient car parking spaces.

Marbs Town Hall
There are question marks over where some of the funding is coming from.
Photo: Marbella Town Hall

Once the plan is fully approved, work will start on demolishing the existing stadium, including the removal of lighting towers and perimeter fencing of the area, which is currently scheduled for February 2023.

“The demolition itself will take place in September 2023, which will take about three months. From then on we will start liaising with local residents and in parallel, we will put out the tender for the work itself. The idea is that between 2023 and 2024 we can start building,” Muñoz said.

There is thought to be an €18 million budget for the stadium, though full budgeting details have not yet been released by the council.


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